The language of algebra
Essential Mathematics Year 8
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  Learning objectives
  Why do I need algebra?
  Using letters for numbers
  What is a pronumeral?
  What is a constant?
  What is an expression?
  What is an equation?
  What is a coefficient?
  What is a term?
  Hello Kissy-Kissy!
  Bunk beds in maths?!
  Square apples?!
  Floaty numbers?!
  What is the sum?
  What is the difference?
  What is the product?
  What is the quotient?
  Example 1
  Example 2
  Final words
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I love teaching algebra! This video looks at introducing the language of algebra. All those stupid terms made up by Barry. Pronumeral, variable, constant, expression, equation, coefficient, sum, product, quotient, difference and so much more. I love to use a story which includes kissing, prison guards and bunk beds to show that algebra isn't that hard! It can be funny and fun. Worked examples will help you understand what I mean ... and the difference in my teaching!

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