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I upload content each week covering a number of year levels and topics. Shown below are some of the latest videos to have been uploaded to MaffsGuru.com
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Making Maths
Why choose MaffsGuru?
I am so very lucky to get so many wonderful comments from students, teachers and parents. Here are just some of the reasons they chose MaffsGuru.com. I love what I do and I do what I love ... which is to teach
Proven presenter
You've probably already seen me on Edrolo videos. But I have been recording since 2013 and now work with Cambridge University Press and Nelson to deliver their video content. I must be doing something right!
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Lessons with personality
I simply can't do it. I can't teach maths in a boring way. My lessons are designed to educate and entertain at the same time. Bad puns and Dad jokes aside, I do all I can to remove the smoke and mirrors and make maths understandable. Maths doesn't need to be dull and boring
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Worked examples
Worked examples come courtesy of my own brain and Cambridge University Press and their excellent books. I show all working out needed for lesson and exam success. The notes are even downloadable! Every lesson has easy to understand notes and annotations.
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VCAA Exam Solutions
Exam solutions for both whole VCAA papers and single questions. Prepare for your trial exams and end of year exams. Video solutions to VCAA examinations are being added all the time. Each solution has the theory explained so you will know why the answers are correct. This is a premium feature which may require a subscription to give full access.
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Mapped against Cambridge Textbooks
Great textbook ... Great examples. The market leading textbook publishers have given me permission to use their examples as part of my videos. Follow along with the market leading and world class textbooks. Each video is mapped against a chapter and sub chapter of the relevant Cambridge book. Ideal for teachers and students alike. Resources are being developed for all years levels
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Lesson Notes
It's important to have good notes and I do all I can to help you have a summary book which helps. Each video has the the annotations I make all over the slides packaged up in a nice PDF so you can download them and create the perfect summary. Please note: Some videos require you to take out a subscription to be able to download the notes.
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